Assisted Living Homes are not all created equal. Some may look great from the outside, but a closer look inside reveals a lack of safety and health protocols on the inside. After all, one of the main reasons your loved one is in an assisted living facility is to insure greater round the clock safety for seniors who may have chronic health concerns and cannot live independently.

Although some facilities have been in the news, there are so many positive things happening in our community. There are a few things important to seek out when comparing options and navigating the different living communities.

  • Are the walkways clear for a cane or walker to navigate without falling?
  • Is the lighting bright especially in common areas of dining or entertainment?
  • Do chairs have armrests to use for leverage to pull upright or lower into seating?
  • Are their handrails in all bathrooms?
  • Is there an emergency alert system in every room to call for assistance if needed?
  • What is the protocol for visitation? Do they have video monitoring and is identification required?
  • What security is in place to prevent residents from walking out if they have dementia?
  • Find out what their procedure is for administering medication. Must be highly organized!
  • Is the flooring in good condition to prevent falls? Rugs are a slip hazard.
  • Is there a history of abuse or complaints at the facility?

These are a few significant suggestions for any assisted living facility. And now more than ever with the threat of infectious diseases including COVID, sanitation throughout the facility with all staff that enter the facility is extremely important. Watch their procedures to see how effective and consistent they are with keeping all infections contained.

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