Moving a parent into an assisted living facility is an emotional decision at any time. And since March roughly 45% of all COVID 19 deaths have been in nursing homes with the elderly. Since this would be a huge change for your loved one, it is important to be able to continue communication to make your parent feel safe and loved.

Keep your concerns professional by asking these same questions of all facilities you tour:

  • What are the protocols for testing staff and residents for COVID-19?
  • Is testing done consistently if anyone tests positive? If a resident, are they isolated?
  • If you have a resident or staff test positive, how do they communicate to families?
  • Is there a way to communicate to loved ones?
  • How does the facility maintain the correct staff ration if an employee tests positive?
  • How does the facility enable staff with COVID to stay home until well and without symptoms? Do they receive paid leave?
  • Since group activities are limited, how are residents thriving socially?
  • What cleaning/sanitizing protocols are in place since March to prevent the spread of infection?

Do not hesitate to ask all these questions and any others that may be present in your mind. You need to feel that your loved one is in the BEST facility to take care of their needs at an affordable price.

Connect with Tracie at or email [email protected]. She has the experience and relationships to provide confidence in your decision with the right nursing home to fit your needs.