Every adult should be able to do several activities on their own if living independently without any assistance from family or an outside source. These are commonly known as Activities of Daily Living or ADL’s.

Those activities include:

  • Personal hygiene of bathing, brushing teeth, and grooming
  • Dressing themselves in appropriate clothing for the occasion and weather conditions
  • Eating and preparing meals
  • Restroom activities
  • Mobility to move around home from bed, sitting, standing

These activities offer an understanding if an individual can successfully live on their own without additional assistance. There is another level of actions that are important, but not required to live independently, known as Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

Those activities include:

  • Communication on the phone, via email or internet
  • Mobility to drive, take a bus, or an uber
  • Preparation of meals, clean up, safely use stovetop, and utensils
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Ability to do laundry and maintain a clean healthy home with housework
  • Medication Management
  • Finance Management including bill paying

Another indication that an alternative form of living is needed is isolation. Depression sets in when seniors distance themselves from engaging in social activities or begin to lose interest in daily activities as eating, housekeeping, personal hygiene, and eating. Isolation increases the risk for dementia and reduces their quality of life.

Introduce an alternative setting for your loved one gradually with other family members present. There are many options and ElderStage can help assist you with these choices with a FREE consultation.  ElderStage is your trusted quality care resource for exploring the right place for your loved one when the time comes.

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